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ETF Securities Weekly ETF Market Monitor Video
In this video ETF Securities Gemma Weeks examines the key movements over the past week in the Australian ETF market.
Under-Your-Control Investing
The long-term outlook for a more challenging investment market with low-interest, subdued equity returns and higher volatility has led to some investors wondering whether a radically new investment strategy is warranted.
Create A Diversified Portfolio From Scratch
One of the most fundamental issues for investors is how to create a properly diversified portfolio - whether from scratch or by reworking an existing portfolio.
A Retiree's Volatility 'Bucket'
Some retirees and other investors fast-approaching retirement set aside one to two years of living expenses if possible in a cash 'bucket'.
ETFs Pass Ease-Of-Investing Tests
Among the prime reasons for the popularity of ETFs is that the products pass a series of ease-of-investing tests. This is in addition to their typically low costs.
Buffett's Bet: The Finale
The results are in, and renowned investor Warren Buffett prevailed in his wager on the performance of low-cost index funds against higher-cost hedge funds.
Shifting The Dial On Super
It is probably safe to assume that not too many people had retirement planning on their New Year resolution list. But it is definitely an area where small changes - depending on your age - can make big differences.
What's Ahead For SMSFs?
It would be difficult to underestimate the impact that self-managed super has on competition between super funds - with both SMSF and non-SMSF members being the winners.
Streamlining Portfolio Creation With ETFs
Are you among the increasing number of investors wanting to create a widely-diversified portfolio based largely on low-cost, index-tracking exchange traded funds (ETFs)?
Power Of Retiree Super Dollars
With the waves of baby boomers now nearing or entering retirement, it is hardly surprising that the ranks of retired super members is rapidly growing. Yet the extent of that growth may surprise you.
Why Investor Returns Lag Fund Returns
Here's an investment puzzle. Why do investors often underperform the managed investment funds holding their money?
Beyond Share Prices
Investors shouldn't overlook that there are two components to sharemarket returns - dividend yield and capital gains (or losses).
What's In A Number?
This month the benchmark Australian sharemarket index S&P/ ASX 200 closed above the 6000 mark sparking considerable media commentary and reflection of what it means for the future.
Who Can Investors Trust?
Trust can be tested in many ways. Consider this situation. You are sitting at a conference with 1000 or so industry colleagues - effectively professional strangers - and you are asked to unlock your mobile phone and hand it to the person sitting next to you. They have 30 seconds to do whatever they like with it.
Invest Better Through Your Holiday Reading
Behavioural economist Daniel Kahneman - who teaches us to control our damaging behavioural traits to become better, more-disciplined investors - continues as a powerful force on the best-seller lists as 2017 draws to a close.
Rising Risks To The Status Quo
The financial markets' low volatility underscores investors' conviction that the long-term global economic trends of modest growth and tepid inflation will also define shorter-term cycles. But risks lie in mistaking the trend for the cycle.
Wanted: Estate-Planning Advice For SMSFs
An estimated 59,000 self-managed super funds (SMSFs) have unmet needs for advice on estate planning.
Calculating Behaviour
While personal finance calculators can be informative and useful in practical ways, their potential limitations should not be overlooked.
The Difference Between Desired & Required Returns
Astute investors set their long-term goals - the parallel being the destination of those seemingly-endless childhood road trips - and then work out how to get there.
A Question Of Engagement
There are 230 super funds in the market and certainly some do things better than others so the time you need to be most engaged is in the decision to select a good, well-diversified, low-cost fund and then let the default product go to work for you.
The Three Benefits Behind Indexing's Success
In the investing world, index investing and ETFs have been kicking goals in recent years and the growth in assets and a growing global investor base has drawn both attention and criticism.
A Simple Nudge Towards Better Investing
Our irrational behavioural biases can become significant barriers to making good decisions involving all aspects of our lives including with our finances.
Technology: An Adversary In The Fight For 2% Inflation
Consumer technology influences the economy in important - and often overlooked - ways. Cheaper TVs and smartphones can have unexpected knock-on effects.
The 'Democracy' Of The ETF Toolbox
Independent exchange-traded fund researcher Deborah Fuhr describes ETFs as the most democratic investment product to her knowledge.
The Great Australian (Retiree) Dream
The very high level of debt-free home ownership among current Australian retirees helps counterbalance their low average super savings, undoubtedly contributing to any sense of financial security.
Concentrate - But Not In Your Portfolio
A thought-provoking exercise for self-managed super fund (SMSF) trustees is to compare their fund's asset allocation to those of the balanced portfolios of Australia's biggest super funds.
Balancing (& Rebalancing) For Success
How has your investment portfolio performed over the past 10 years since the onset of the global financial crisis (GFC)?
Are Young Investors Wasting Their Youth?
It was George Bernard Shaw who coined the phrase 'youth is wasted on the young'. In Australia today, it seems the young may be wasting their investing youth.
ETFs' Most-Enthusiastic Personal Investors
Self-managed funds rank among the longest and biggest supporters of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).
Our 'Hardest' SMSF Tasks
What are the hardest aspects of running your self-managed super fund (SMSF)? Are they the seemingly ever-changing rules, the paperwork and administration or the challenge of choosing where to invest?
ETFs: A Decade Of Fast-Growing Popularity
The popularity of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) has rapidly grown over the past 10 years in Australia and overseas - a decade that begun ominously enough with the beginning of the global financial crisis (GFC).
The Digital Investor & The 'Ostrich Effect'
The internet, of course, brings positives and negatives for digitally-aware investors.
Making An Active Decision
A recent Vanguard research paper opens with a challenging question that investors are increasingly asking themselves: How should I allocate my investment capital across index and active investments?
Is Your SMSF Retirement-Ready?
A recent Vanguard research paper opens with a challenging question that investors are increasingly asking themselves: How should I allocate my investment capital across index and active investments?
3 Ways That ETFs Can Help To Minimise Tax
Low-cost exchange traded funds allow investors to maintain a laser-like focus on returns.
Jekyll & Hyde Characteristics Of Compounding
Understandably, investors tend to focus on the positive sides of compounding.
An SMSF Blueprint For Non-SMSF Investors
As the one million-plus members of Australia's 600,000-plus self-managed super funds know, SMSFs must prepare and regularly update an investment strategy.
Slow And Steady Wins The Race
Last year at Vanguard we celebrated the 20th anniversary of our incorporation in Australia back in 1996.
Multiple Super Accounts In A 'Gig' Society
How many super accounts do you have? No doubt, some people have even more super accounts than credit cards.
Don't Lose Sleep Over The Uncontrollable
Tumultuous, volatile and uncertain. These are a few words (albeit extreme ones) an investor might choose to describe the first half of 2017.
ETFs: Greater Choice Means More Homework
Australian investors have been enthusiastic adopters of exchange-traded funds, with the local ETF market growing to $28.8 billion in May 2017, up by more than $5 billion over the last 12 months.
Tennis, Chess & Zero-Sum Game Investing
For every winner in a game of, say, tennis or chess, there's obviously a loser.
Give Your Children A Saving & Investing Edge
Perhaps the best way to give your young children a lifetime saving and investing advantage is to ensure they are as financially literate as possible, as early as possible in their lives.
A Personal Spending Check-Up
At a time when investment returns and pay rises are typically subdued, a temptation is for investors, including retirees, to take greater risks outside their tolerance to risk in an effort to keep up investment returns.
There's No Magic Pudding When It Comes To Super
Superannuation is supposed to be all about providing income in retirement.
A Powerful Case For Global Shares Exposure
Investors who confine themselves to the Australian market may be carrying a much riskier equity portfolio than they perhaps realise. The good news is that broad international equity exposure is so readily obtainable - even with a single trade.
ETF Investors Hear Low-Cost Message
Hardly a day seems to pass without the media publishing articles about how many more investors are turning to index funds to gain low-cost diversification for their portfolios.
Lessons Learnt - Often The Hard Way
Unfortunately, many of us learn the principles of sound saving and investment practices the hard way through trial and error. And often these lessons are finally learnt, if ever, by the time we are in the countdown to retirement.
Characteristics Of A 'Desirable' Investment Product
Just think for a while about what fundamental characteristics that you and many other investors would want and need from an investment product. This should help you focus on what really matters when choosing a product.
Beyond Super: Our Other Personal Investment Market
Many investors may not realise that Australia's super and non-super personal investment markets are almost equal in value.
Fund Manager's: Will Today's Winners Become Tomorrow's Losers?
Can the past outperformance by an actively-managed investment fund provide a guide to the likeliness of its outperformance in the future?
A Vital SMSF Question: A Corporate Trustee Or Individual Trustees?
A self-managed super statistic that doesn't seem to change much over the years is the strong preference of new SMSFs for individual trustees rather than a corporate trustee.
Short-Term Losses Not So Bad For Long-Term Bond Investors
If you're feeling a little unnerved about your bond portfolio at the moment, you are likely not alone.
Practical Ways To Control Portfolio Drift
Sticking to a disciplined strategy of regularly rebalancing a portfolio back to its target asset allocation can often seem counter-intuitive.
When A Portfolio Loses Its Balance
Just think of what your portfolio might look like if you never followed one of the principles of sound investment practice - that is to regularly rebalance your portfolio back to its strategic or target asset allocation.
Why Asset Allocation Really Matters
A message highlighted by this latest research is that setting an appropriate strategic asset allocation for an investor's circumstances is a starting point for all investors before considering investment selection.
Life's Financial Turning Points: Good & Not-So-Good
The marriage and divorce statistics for 2015 sadly suggest that 43 per cent of Australian marriages may end in divorce. Significantly, this number-crunching does not include separations of de facto couples.
Why Super's Greatest Strength Is Also A Weakness
The Australian super system is rightly regarded as in the top tier of pension systems around the developed world. But its greatest strength - the mandatory contribution regime - is also its Achilles heel in terms of the engagement of individual members.
Avoid 'Piecemeal' Portfolio Creation
How did you create your investment portfolio? Was it a carefully thought out, highly planned and disciplined process? Or was it what a new Vanguard research paper terms a 'piecemeal' approach?
Almost The World's Best For Retirees
What are the best countries for a comfortable retirement? What countries have the best retirement-income systems? It seems the answers to these questions are rather positive for Australian retirees.
Your First SMSF Portfolio
New SMSF trustees face something of a double challenge in 2017-2018: Coming to terms with the long-standing fundamentals of having your own fund together with the biggest changes to super in a decade.
Coordinate To Get The Most From Super Changes
The imminent arrival of a limit on super tax-free pension accounts together with lower contribution caps is likely to have the unintended and positive consequence of bringing more couples closer together when it comes to their investment strategies.
Dollar-Cost Averaging For Millennial Investors
It's hardly surprisingly that a personal finance article in Forbes magazine places the classic and straightforward investment practice of dollar-cost averaging high among a list of tips to help millennials become better, more disciplined investors in 2017.
Almost The World's Best For Retirees
What are the best countries for a comfortable retirement? What countries have the best retirement-income systems? It seems the answers to these questions are rather positive for Australian retirees.
ETFs: An Investor's Emotion Blocker
Much of the discussion about the attributes of exchange-traded funds focuses on their low cost, simplicity, transparency and practicality in gaining a desired degree of exposure to chosen markets for a diversified portfolio.
All-Terrain Motoring, All-Terrain Portfolios
More of us are equipped for all-terrain motoring but how ready are you for all-terrain investing?
Competition Heats Up For Your Retirement Dollars
Are you among the estimated two million-plus super fund members who will join the ranks of retired members over the next 15 years? If so, you are a potential beneficiary of intensifying competition among super funds to provide your super retirement income.
Why SMSFs hold a lion's share of retiree market
It seems almost an understatement to say that the self-managed super sector holds a lion's share of superannuation's retiree market in dollar terms.
A Little Trust Can Pay A Big Dividend In Super
The Australian superannuation system has many fine qualities, but if you were asked to rate it on the basis of trust - on a score of 1 to 10 - what would you give it?
Why SMSFs Should Plan For The Unexpected
Understandably, trustees of new self-managed super funds are typically full of enthusiasm about what can be achieved. It's largely why many would go the self-managed route in the first place.
How Buffett Can Help Interpret The Latest Active Scorecard
You could be forgiven for thinking that active fund managers have been having a hard time of it lately.
The Personal Finance Of Travelling
One of the personal finance myths is that many retirees take their super as a lump sum and spend the money on overseas holidays.
ETFs: How To Get Started
One of the greatest advantages young investors have is time. The more time you have, the more the power of compounding can work for you.
What Recent Retirees Can Teach Pre-Retirees
Vanguard analysts have surveyed thousands of pre-retirees and recent retirees in Australia, US, UK and Canada to measure their satisfaction with their financials.
Improve Your Satisfaction In Retirement Countdown
Who tends to be more satisfied with their financial situations - individuals due to retire in the next 10 years, or those who retired over the past 10 years?
Your Latest Gig, Your Latest Super Savings
It wouldn't be surprising if saving and investing are far from the minds of many younger people working in the burgeoning 'gig economy'.
In Your Interest: A Mortgage Buffer
The Reserve Bank's decision this week to once again leave the official cash rate at a record low of 1.5 per cent is likely to encourage prudent homebuyers to keep building up or at least maintain their mortgage buffers if possible.
Why Betting On Markets Can Make For A Bumpy Ride
The New Year has ushered in a boom for US equities, with the sharemarket there invigorated by a new President spruiking a pro-business agenda.
Jump-Start Your Retirement Savings
Unfortunately, many people would reach their mid-fifties and conclude that their savings are not on track to finance a satisfactory lifestyle in retirement.
New Year (Investment) Resolutions
An astute way to begin a new year is to take a close look at your personal finances - including your super and non-super investment portfolios and your retirement-saving strategies - and to think about what improvements should be made.


Key movements in the Australian ETF market

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