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Life's Financial Turning Points: Good & Not-So-Good
The marriage and divorce statistics for 2015 sadly suggest that 43 per cent of Australian marriages may end in divorce. Significantly, this number-crunching does not include separations of de facto couples.
Why Super's Greatest Strength Is Also A Weakness
The Australian super system is rightly regarded as in the top tier of pension systems around the developed world. But its greatest strength - the mandatory contribution regime - is also its Achilles heel in terms of the engagement of individual members.
Avoid 'Piecemeal' Portfolio Creation
How did you create your investment portfolio? Was it a carefully thought out, highly planned and disciplined process? Or was it what a new Vanguard research paper terms a 'piecemeal' approach?
Almost The World's Best For Retirees
What are the best countries for a comfortable retirement? What countries have the best retirement-income systems? It seems the answers to these questions are rather positive for Australian retirees.
Your First SMSF Portfolio
New SMSF trustees face something of a double challenge in 2017-2018: Coming to terms with the long-standing fundamentals of having your own fund together with the biggest changes to super in a decade.
Coordinate To Get The Most From Super Changes
The imminent arrival of a limit on super tax-free pension accounts together with lower contribution caps is likely to have the unintended and positive consequence of bringing more couples closer together when it comes to their investment strategies.
Dollar-Cost Averaging For Millennial Investors
It's hardly surprisingly that a personal finance article in Forbes magazine places the classic and straightforward investment practice of dollar-cost averaging high among a list of tips to help millennials become better, more disciplined investors in 2017.
Almost The World's Best For Retirees
What are the best countries for a comfortable retirement? What countries have the best retirement-income systems? It seems the answers to these questions are rather positive for Australian retirees.
ETFs: An Investor's Emotion Blocker
Much of the discussion about the attributes of exchange-traded funds focuses on their low cost, simplicity, transparency and practicality in gaining a desired degree of exposure to chosen markets for a diversified portfolio.
All-Terrain Motoring, All-Terrain Portfolios
More of us are equipped for all-terrain motoring but how ready are you for all-terrain investing?
Competition Heats Up For Your Retirement Dollars
Are you among the estimated two million-plus super fund members who will join the ranks of retired members over the next 15 years? If so, you are a potential beneficiary of intensifying competition among super funds to provide your super retirement income.
Why SMSFs hold a lion's share of retiree market
It seems almost an understatement to say that the self-managed super sector holds a lion's share of superannuation's retiree market in dollar terms.
A Little Trust Can Pay A Big Dividend In Super
The Australian superannuation system has many fine qualities, but if you were asked to rate it on the basis of trust - on a score of 1 to 10 - what would you give it?
Why SMSFs Should Plan For The Unexpected
Understandably, trustees of new self-managed super funds are typically full of enthusiasm about what can be achieved. It's largely why many would go the self-managed route in the first place.
How Buffett Can Help Interpret The Latest Active Scorecard
You could be forgiven for thinking that active fund managers have been having a hard time of it lately.
The Personal Finance Of Travelling
One of the personal finance myths is that many retirees take their super as a lump sum and spend the money on overseas holidays.
ETFs: How To Get Started
One of the greatest advantages young investors have is time. The more time you have, the more the power of compounding can work for you.
What Recent Retirees Can Teach Pre-Retirees
Vanguard analysts have surveyed thousands of pre-retirees and recent retirees in Australia, US, UK and Canada to measure their satisfaction with their financials.
Improve Your Satisfaction In Retirement Countdown
Who tends to be more satisfied with their financial situations - individuals due to retire in the next 10 years, or those who retired over the past 10 years?
Your Latest Gig, Your Latest Super Savings
It wouldn't be surprising if saving and investing are far from the minds of many younger people working in the burgeoning 'gig economy'.
In Your Interest: A Mortgage Buffer
The Reserve Bank's decision this week to once again leave the official cash rate at a record low of 1.5 per cent is likely to encourage prudent homebuyers to keep building up or at least maintain their mortgage buffers if possible.
Why Betting On Markets Can Make For A Bumpy Ride
The New Year has ushered in a boom for US equities, with the sharemarket there invigorated by a new President spruiking a pro-business agenda.
Jump-Start Your Retirement Savings
Unfortunately, many people would reach their mid-fifties and conclude that their savings are not on track to finance a satisfactory lifestyle in retirement.
New Year (Investment) Resolutions
An astute way to begin a new year is to take a close look at your personal finances - including your super and non-super investment portfolios and your retirement-saving strategies - and to think about what improvements should be made.
Vanguard's Investment Tips For 2017
We can't predict what 2017 will bring. And if you know Vanguard, you should know not to expect 'hot' tips from us. But here are four suggestions that we believe can help investors reach their goals.
Why Investors Should Heed, But Not Act On, Forecasts
It's that time of year again - our inboxes are now being deluged with a variety of weird and wonderful predictions for sharemarkets and economies in the coming year.
After A Long Pause, US Rate Rise Resumes
Vanguard is encouraged by the Federal Reserve's decision, and we look forward to continued progress towards normalising US interest rates in the coming year.
What A Long-Term View Of The Market Can Teach Investors
The curtain coming down on another year has a way of focusing the mind on how time is passing. It is also the time of year when market pundits put their forecasting hats on and share their best thoughts on what is in store for us in the year ahead.
A Critical Time For Specialist Advice
There are times in our lives when the need for gaining specialist professional advice may seem particularly critical. And for many super fund members, this is one of those times.
Keeping Finances In The Family
Would you be willing to help your adult children financially if they were experiencing financial difficulties? And would you be willing to help your elderly parents if they were in financial need?
How ETFs Spread The Low-Cost Message
In dollar terms alone, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) hardly rank among the heavy-hitters of Australian investment.
Investor Habits: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
No matter whether investment markets are rising or falling or somewhere in between, an investor's habits - good and bad - really matter.
Meet SMSFs' Early & Late Arrivals
You probably wouldn't be surprised to learn that more than 90 per cent of the investors who established SMSFs in the June quarter are aged between 25 and 64.
Why Your Income Needs Protection
When thinking about our family insurance needs, a basic error or trap is to focus mainly on life cover without giving enough thought to gaining adequate income-protection insurance.
ETFs: Look Behind The Statistics
A look behind the recent statistics for Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) underlines their multi-faceted growth, globally and in Australia.
Just The Beginning For ETFs & Self-Managed Super
Like it or not - and ready or not - we live in a disruptive world.
What The Chocolate Test Means For Investors
Imagine being asked to choose from a display of 30 different chocolates and 24 flavours of jam. Chances are you would have trouble making a choice and perhaps may end up without a single chocolate or a jar of jam.
Your ETF Toolbox
A growing market for exchange-traded funds (ETFs) is giving investors more flexibility when it comes to building their portfolios.
A Certain Strategy For An Uncertain Market
Mark Twain was a great author but 'stupendously incompetent' when it came to investing, according to a feature in Time magazine earlier this year.
Effective Active Comes With A (Low) Cost
Reading the latest report card on Australia's actively managed investment funds, you could be forgiven for thinking that the profession of 'stock-picking' has had its day.
Slow On The Draw
Recently-published research by the CSRIO-Monash Superannuation Research Cluster suggests that a large proportion of retirees could be described as 'slow on the draw' when it comes to their account-based superannuation pensions.
ETFs Or Managed Funds?
Building an investment portfolio for a self-managed super fund can leave some trustees feeling like explorers, trying to find the best route to an uncertain destination - the so-called place for a 'comfortable retirement' - but without the help of some basic tools like a map and compass.
Economics & Investing
Can economic analysis make you a better investor? We can all benefit from an outlook that paints a picture of longer-term trends in the global economy and how those trends will influence the markets.
Going Undercover
The holding of adequate life, total and permanent disability and salary-continuance insurance is a critical part of sound personal financial and wealth management.
Global Investors 'Piled Into ETFs'
A recent personal finance feature published by Bloomberg asks readers to guess 'who just turned 40'.
When Virtue Can Be An Investment Vice
Concentration is generally a trait to be encouraged. But in the investment world concentration has a regular bedfellow, an alter ego if you will, and it is called risk.
Don't Just Get Half The Picture
Australia has, of course, a dual personal investment/saving sectors: assets held inside and outside super.
The Toughest Tasks For Self-Managed Super
What are the hardest aspects of running your self-managed super fund (SMSF)? Is it the paperwork, all of the investment rules or the fundamental challenge of choosing where to invest your money?
Taking More Than You Need From Your Nest Egg?
A common way to measure the sustainability of retirement income is to calculate an annual withdrawal rate - the amount of income as a proportion of a retiree's total capital.
Positive Procrastination An Investor's Best Friend
There is, however, a critical difference between potentially damaging procrastination or inertia and an investor's determination to adhere to an appropriate long-term investment strategy during periods of intense market volatility.
Number Crunching For Healthier Finances
The number-crunching of online personal finance calculators offered by super funds, fund managers and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) can help us to better understand our financial circumstances.
Diversification Counts When Uncertainty Beckons
Economic messages and market signals blended with dramatic and tragic geo-political events are presenting investors with lots of conflicting information to digest.
Global Diversification Through ETFs
Investors are increasingly using Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) as a straightforward, low-cost way to gain exposure to overseas shares.
The Perils Of Being A Performance Chaser
When investment markets are particularly volatile, investors are more likely to participate in performance-chasing behaviour that is potentially detrimental to their long-term returns.
The Power Of Numbers
Investors, sports fans and financial advisers share a common interest in the power of numbers.
The Case For Index Investing Through ETFs
The latest edition of a key Vanguard research paper, The case for low-cost index-fund investing, released on 30 June, emphasises the contribution of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to the global growth in investor awareness of the attributes of low-cost, index investing.
Starting A Super Pension In 2016-17?
The beginning of a new financial year is a peak time of the year for beginning a superannuation pension by members of large funds and self-managed funds.
A Volatility Buffer
Some financial advisers recommend that retirees set aside one to two years of living expenses if possible in a cash fund. This is to act as buffer to avoid having to sell growth assets to pay retirement income during a market downturn.
Long-Term Strategies, Long-Term Returns
The solid median return of large balanced super funds over the seven to 10 years to June 30 highlights once again why a disciplined, long-term approach to investing makes much sense - whether investments are held inside or outside super.
Planning For Political Shocks
Political shocks by their nature provoke strong reactions from investment markets.
The Case For Index Investing Through ETFs
The case for low-cost index-fund investing, released on 30 June, emphasises the contribution of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to the global growth in investor awareness of the attributes of low-cost, index investing.
Starting A Super Pension In 2016-17?
The beginning of a new financial year is a peak time of the year for beginning a superannuation pension by members of large funds and self-managed funds.
A new financial year resolution: Monitor the value of in-house SMSF assets
We are reaching a time of the year when some SMSF trustees will learn that their funds have inadvertently breached one of the most fundamental set of provisions in superannuation law: the in-house asset rules.
Taking a realistic approach to intergenerational super funds
It seems inevitable that more SMSF trustees reaching older ages may consider whether or not to ask their adult children to join their fund to help with its administration and investments.
Making Investing A Family Affair
Most advisers would agree that couples in a marital relationship who carefully co-ordinate their investment portfolios along with their other personal finances can potentially put themselves in an excellent position to reach their shared long-term goals.
The Self-Employed & Super
It seems paradoxical. The self-employed are among the most enthusiastic supporters of self-managed super yet the majority of the self-employed have little or no super.
Discipline Matters, Regardless Of Super Policy
Voluntary super contributions are poised to become like New Year's resolutions and lapsed gym memberships - well-meaning, but ultimately unrealised.
Low Cost Is Elementary, According To Buffett
When Warren Buffett offers to share his most important investment lesson it is not surprising that investors around the globe take notice.
Confidence: An Investor's Friend - Or Enemy?
Justifiable confidence in our own abilities helps us deal with many things in life - including some of the inevitable setbacks. It can be our friend.
The Insidious Side Of Low Interest Rates
Many investors might be worried about a low return environment - but something far worse than a sluggish economy may threaten your personal wealth.
The Quest For Balance
Balance is something most of us aspire to in many parts of our life - be it work/family time, diet or exercise.
Average ETF Transaction Sharply Rises
Despite the challenging investment environment, the size of the average transaction and total funds under management of Australian-listed Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) have risen sharply.
Replenishing SMSF Memberships
One of key characteristics of self-managed super is the way that the sector's membership is being continually replenished with younger members.
There's More To Retirement Than Super
The 2016 Federal Budget alerted every member of a superannuation fund - large and small - to the fact that risk is not the sole domain of investment markets. Regulatory risk is firmly back on the agenda for those planning their retirement savings.
A Great Investment Noise-Blocker
Plenty of 'noise' was created in investment markets on Budget day that had nothing to do with the anything in the Budget.
Working And Contributing To Super Past 65
One of the ways that more Australians are boosting their retirement savings is by working beyond popular retirement ages - often on a part-time basis.
Older, Greyer and Still Working
While the median retirement age in Australia is around 61, many older Australians are showing a determination to keep working long past traditional and popular retirement ages.
The Volatility Trap
The degree of sharemarket volatility during the first three months of the year will regrettably have thrown some investors off their long-term course.
Another Twist On The Gender Savings Gap
Sometimes reality differs from what we intuitively suspect - quite often in regard to investments and savings. Take the superannuation of elderly retired females as an example.
Jumping At Pre-Budget Shadows
Pre-budget speculation and kite flying is sometimes a distracting noise for investors. And the lead-up to this year's federal budget in early May is, of course, no different.


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